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Equine Nutrition & Sports Medicine

For Equine Nutrition & Sports Medicine and to read about "Codi the Horse" and the "Codi Health Plan" (as seen on Discovery Channel's Animal Planet Pet Stories), click 

 on  *The Parklands Center link below: 


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(To find out about the Codi Health Plan and our Equine Sports Medicine which is credited with saving Codi, including the non-toxic (does not test) Equine Anti-inflammatory compound, contact Standard Biologics, Inc. for information and prices).

"Codi the Horse" as seen on Animal Planet

"Codi the Horse" Before Treatment

"Codi the Horse" as seen on Animal Planet

"Codi the Horse" Before Treatment

"Codi the Horse" as seen on Animal Planet

"Codi the Horse" Six Months After Start of Treatment

"Codi the Horse" as seen on Animal Planet

"Codi The Horse" Six Months After Start of Treatment

Editorial note:

Codi had been examined by The University of Pennsylvania's 'Large Animal Hospital' at New Bolton, PA following his rescue. The Medical Staff at New Bolton concluded that Codi required an operation to save his life, and the cost thereof would be $5,000.00.

The Lebanon County SPCA and the "Rescue" facility set out to raise the cost of the surgery, which they did successfully.

They returned Codi to New Bolton to have the surgery performed only to be told that after further review surgery would not help Codi, and New Bolton then recommended that Codi be euthanized immediately.

At this juncture, The Parklands Center, an Affiliate of Standard Biologics, became involved. With the devoted assistance of the SPCA and the Rescue farm, Parklands was able to completely rehabilitate Codi to the point where it was as if he had never been injured at all.